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Operations is not Developer IT

Often they have not even bothered to do basic troubleshooting, things like read the documentation on what the error message is attempting to tell you. Sometimes I don’t even get an error message in these reports, just a development saying “this page doesn’t load for me now but it did before”.

20 Questions a Software Engineer Should Ask When Joining a New Team

Different software development teams do things quite differently. Even within a single company, many of the variables can vary from team to team. As a software engineer, it is usually very exciting to start working with new people and on new software. On a personal note, I recently have started with a new team and on new (to me) software. Because this isn’t a regular or frequent occurrence, I took the opportunity to really think about things that I needed to learn in the short term.

Understand Better What Motivates Your Team

Hygiene factors are essential for the existence of motivation in the workplace. They are extrinsic. If the job basics are not in place, employees are dissatisfied and frustrated. Hygiene factors are often associated with rewards or avoiding punishment.

From Engineer to Tech Lead – Doubts and Challenges

To some extent nothing really changed in my daily activities: even before getting the title, I was already reviewing code, assigning tasks and taking care of supporting and coaching my team mates. On the other hand, a lot changed in the perception of my role in the team and in the expectations I had from being a Tech Lead.


What is common in just about every career is that making the jump from Manager to Director is really hard. In my experience it demands the biggest fundamental shift in skillset of any of the career levels.

A Manager’s Guide to Holding Your Team Accountable

Being held to account for our decisions, actions, and results can drive high performance. It helps clarifies our commitments, increases our diligence, and improves our self-awareness.

10 Admirable Attributes of a Great Technical Lead

In reality, there is no single formula to be a great tech lead. It’s a demanding position. It requires both sides of one’s capability: the heart, and the mind. Sometimes, heavier on one side than the other, and sometimes the other way round. It is situational, applied differently to different people.

Don’t count your incidents, make your incidents count

Whilst setting targets might work in some organisations, it’s worth considering whether they provide the signal you expect, and whether the implications of doing so have been properly considered.