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So, You’re Incident Commander, Now What?

An incident is any situation that disrupts the ability of customers to use a system, service, or software product in a safe and secure manner. And in each of the incidents above, the person who noticed the incident first will most likely become the incident commander.

The Best Leaders are Feedback Magnets — Here’s How to Become One

Knowing what other people think about you can be life-changing. It’s the key to getting promoted faster and becoming the kind of leader people are excited to work with. On the flip side, not getting this intel is a silent career killer. You get passed over for new roles or special assignments without ever understanding why, never getting an opportunity to develop and prove you can do better. 

OKRs are networks, not hierarchies

Remember that the organization is a network for teams that are looking to achieve a main outcome but will focus on different work to achieve that outcome. They will have outcomes that help lead to the overall mission being completed.

Being Nice and Effective

Don’t stop being nice if someone accuses you of being nice. Kinder leadership styles are in short supply. Instead, invest in radically improving your effectiveness.

SRE Doesn’t Scale

Even Google, who has infinite money and an endless recruiting pipeline, says the SRE model—as it is often described by the people we encounter referencing the book—does not scale with microservices. Instead, they go on to describe a more tractable, framework-oriented model to address this through things like codified best practices, reusable solutions, standardization of tools and patterns, and, more generally, what I describe as the “productization” of infrastructure and operations.

Reasons to step into a leadership role (and the reasons not to)

You might be considering stepping onto the leadership path, but like Shawn you may be unsure about whether you should or not. In this article, we’ll explore some good reasons to step into a leadership role and a few not-so-good ones.

Don’t Feed the Thought Leaders

The more universal a solution someone claims to have to whatever software engineering problem exists, and the more confident they are that it is a fully generalized solution, the more you should question them. The more specific and contingent the advice – the more someone says ‘it depends’ or ‘YourSQL works well in a read-heavy context with the following constraints’ the more likely they are to be leading you in the right direction. At least that’s what I have found.

If You’re So Successful, Why Are You Still Working 70 Hours a Week?

If you are a leader, you have a responsibility not just to your firm but to the people who work within it. Help your colleagues to achieve their full potential, but do not allow yourself to exacerbate and exploit their insecurities. And remember that your ultimate “duty of care” is to yourself.